Terms & Conditions

Booking terms & Conditions

Welcome to book with Himalaya Treks Nepal for your requested package .while booking with us. We kindly request you to read the booking procedure.

Booking a package includes certain terms and conditions and services purchased from Himalaya Treks Nepal and legal blinding between you and Himalaya Trek Nepal Pvt.Ltd Booking a trip carries important information regarding the tour, trek, and expedition with Himalaya treks Nepal Pvt.Ltd. Please note that you are traveling in land of himalaya during your trek we hope will not happened but might get some injuries, serious sickness and shall be rescued by helicopter

Lost damages etc in such case you will be obliged to bear all overhead as your own. This things have been mentions in contract . Hence it is most important that you have read and understood all the procedure before confirming booking with us it indicates your acceptance of all the terms and conditions .


- we Himalaya Treks Nepal pvt.ltd follow certain terms and conditions that govern the relationship between you and us register as himalaya treks Nepal pvt.ltd an Indenitfied number is — Please note that while booking your requested package your are agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions along with cancellations policies and limitation of Liability.
Both the parties (you and company agree the term and condition resolve any legal or other disputes that might arise during trip.

2) Booking a package

Package here is defined as product ,itinerary or activities that you buy with us including trekking ,tour and expeditions and other adventure and tour programs . A booking is accepted and becomes definite only from the date company sends confirmation invoice or email. Then onwards ,the contract between the company and the clients comes to existence . Before your booking is confirmed and a contract comes into force, the company reserve the right to increase or decrease brochure prices . Please note that the company would not be liable to any warranty, collateral agreement , prior agreement description of services or conditions other then as expressed herein.

3) Booking and payment

— If your are satisfied with the proposal , we request you to fill up an online booking form along with certain percent that might be 20 % - 30% at minimum and maximum will be up to you . Your booking should be attached with a scan passport copy and headshot photograph . One member of a team or team leader can fill up a booking from however , all another member should be familiar with the terms and conditions before confirmation .
The package cost is always quoted in US$ unless otherwise stated booking can be made by bank transfer or by credit card (visa , mastercard, American Express) 20% of your deposit is the non-refundable amount and compulsory to deposit by every member you can pay your remming amount at Nepal on your arrival . Mean time conditions applied only for Nepal . Be informed that you deposit by credit card or debit card will be deduct an extra 4% as bank services charge .
In case of major changes you may required higher deposit during booking , which may differ from deposit rate referred in this clause. In such case you will be notified on mail by Himalaya treks Nepal pvt.ltd about everything

4) Payment

Payment is done once you are agreed with the term and conditions of himalaya treks Nepal pvt.ltd
And filled up booking form then you should pay 20%-30% of the total trip cost and in a group member should deposit the mentions amount for the payment on the bank .
(That we will mail you details of bank)
Don’t forget to mail the bank reference number or remittance slip on deposit it can be track and claim the fund easier if provided with asked details (remittance slip or sender credential) and in case bank misplaces our transfer .

Cancellations policies

1) if you leave your trip after started on whatever the reason be , no refund will be given for any unused portions of the trip .
2)if the company is failed to provide the trip due to unexpected circumstances like flight cancellations by the airlines, heavy snow , landslides and any other disasters that are out of control a choice for tour of similar nature would be provided. alternatively your trip could aslo be proveided or postponed for the next time . However , any extra expenses incurred due to such cancellation would be your own liability
3)likewise an extra expenses incurred by you due to delay or cancellation of flight or any additional cost should be brings upon yourself .
4)Company reserved all the rights of cancellations and not to refund if clients shows unusual behavior or criminal actives .


1) the trip cost personal travel insurance . We do our best to make your journey safe and comfortable , however you travel at your own risk at all the time , hence we suggest you to take personal travel insurance policy . We advise taking a trip cancellations and medical insurance policy before you arrive in Nepal to protect against any unforeseen circumstances.
In case of high altitude trekkers your insurance policy should cover helicopters rescue or surface evacuations.