1.Experience Matters

When it comes to experience we have not less than 5 year experience and summited twice and When it comes to scaling the peaks, dangers are plenty. Although the mountains seem serene and gentle from a distance, the weather there is treacherous. The terrain can be downright unforgiving and to have someone accompanying you, who has been tested by the mountains time and again and have come victorious through and through, can be the greatest of advantages. Our guides, Sherpas and team leaders have years and years of experience in mountaineering, and understand the whims of Himalayas, as much as it’s humanly possible. Over the years, they have been trained to coordinate in a hostile terrain and take immediate actions. It is something a recently established, youth startups cannot offer. Less demanding adventures and activities also comes with their risk. But our staffs are always well prepared.

2. Several Branches

We are proud of our network , experienced and committed we are trying to stablish branches all over the world how ever for now we are just at Nepal, Australia and Japan we promise our clints that soon we will be all over the world very soon so that our clints never have to wait for mail and for other issue they directly can come to out related branches.

3. Personalization of Service

Every treks and expedition company will claim about having a ‘superior service, ‘uniqueness in hospitality’, ‘satisfaction of clients’, Expedition best etc. But no one can do it better than Himalaya Treks Nepal ,which has spent over 5 year doing the same. Over the years, our service system has been refined to an extent that we have been expert in Expeditions providing client specific services. Although most of our packages are standardized over the years, we are flexible in terms of our offer. We are mindful of the fact that all our clients are different depending on time, budget, interest and vigor and hence we readily offer alterations on our itineraries and packages depending on those various factors. However, one can rest assured that we also do not discriminate over the size of the group of guests. no matter what country you are from,either you are VIP or normal person our service will be same for everone.

4. Environmental Commitments

Himalaya Treks Nepal And Tourism itself has its downsides pertaining to society and environment. The piling of corpses and garbage in the mountainous region is not certainly unheard of. We are however highly cautious of the fact and exercise caution regarding the matter. At times, we have been in a forefront of conducting campaigns done to protect the pristine environment near the trekking and expedition area. We are a supporter of sustainable tourism and believe that the present generation should utilize the resources without compromising the ability of coming generations to do the same. Of course, that doesn’t affect our ability to fulfill our guest’s need in any way.

5.Social Responsibility

Himalaya treks nepal always focus on making better future for those who are willing of and capable of.Out company always spend on 20% of profit for social work mainly we focus on education sector of remote area of nepal.We are able to primary schools for dolkha jhesphu which is remote area of dolakha. We provide dress and books for those school who are excellent on education and low at income to encourage their education so due of money they don’t have to give up their education. At future our goal is to make nepal fully educated country in which we have send our proposals to government also.At pandemic COVIT 19 we deliver food to some of family who are unable to work and have zero income. At dolkha we built a house for widow who lost her everything on earthquake of 2015. Our goal is to provide food, shelter and home through our social work and mainly on education sector.We kindly request to our costumers if you agree with our goal we request you to donate some. At future we always support our social Responsibility.

6. Right Service in the Right Price

People from all around the world choose Himalaya Treks Nepal for assisting or guiding them in their adventures in the Himalayan Region because we offer packages at reasonable price and they believe we are the best in expiditions that's why without compromising safety and quality of Service to our valuable clients. We do not take advantages of the naivety of our guests and provide services based strictly on company rules and regulations.

7. Genuine and Authentic Company

Himalaya Treks Nepal is established under Company Act 2006 pursuant to sub section(1) of section 5 (Registration No 231501/076/077: Pan No:609692556). The company is licensed by Tax Department of Nepal as a taxpayer, and also by Central Bank of Nepal as foreign currency acceptable company from foreigners and members of national and international tourism umbrella organizations. We follow the rules and regulations set forth by the government and strongly condemn any illegal activities that might take place within the nation. We are committed to security of our guests and under no circumstance, put the lives of our guests in jeopardy. It is a reliable, reputed, genuine and authentic company you can count upon.